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About BCC

Bjorklund Compensation Consulting (BCC, LLC) was formed in 1999 to better serve and address the unique needs of public sector clients. Our mission is to better align our services, products and organization with that of public entities to permit us to be more responsive to your needs. Bjorklund Compensation Consulting is based out of Minneapolis and serves clients nationally on a variety of classification, compensation and human resource issues.

BCC specializes in projects including:

  • Classification studies - job analysis, development of new classification structures, the development of new job/class descriptions.
  • Conduct of comparable worth or pay equity studies.
  • Job evaluation studies – internally aligning all jobs within the organization.
  • Design and implementation of new salary plans, pay structures or salary ranges.
  • Conduct of staffing, management or organizational studies.
  • Design of performance management systems.
  • Personnel audits and diagnostic reviews.
  • Ongoing review, maintenance, and updating of your job evaluation system and pay programs.

BCC has extensive experience in the use and application of a variety of job evaluation methods and systems including the Decision Band Method, the Hay System, point systems, paired comparison systems, and computerized job evaluation systems. BCC also uses and offers its clients the Classification Matrix System (CMS). This system is an adaptation of tradition point factor systems but simplifies the application of these systems and tries to eliminate some of the inherent overlap and redundancy found in many of these systems.

Our consulting associates have the insight and experience that comes from a good blend of HR practitioner experience and consulting experience in the public sector. The average experience level of our associates is 14 years of human resource experience. Our president has over 20 years consulting experience having managed or participated in the design and implementation of approximately 200 classification and compensation studies.

About BCC Current Projects Clients Contact BCC
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